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Ceramic Transition Pads (Concrete)


Continuous Grinding Cups Contractor
Continuous Grinding Cups Contractor – Diamond Products. For smoother and slower grinding. Suitable for marble, stone, epoxy and concrete.
Continuous Grinding Cups Contractor – Diamond Products – FloorsHQ

For shaping & profiling of stone slab edges. For removing surface imperfections and light grinding. Use on 125 mm angle grinders & variable speed polishers. Use on ROX floor grinders for epoxy sanding and light grinding. Diamond grinding cup – sintered. For smoother and slower grinding. Available for medium hardness materials (colour – SILVER). Available for very soft, abrasive materials (colour – RED).

SKU Description Size Grit
91/5/010 Metal Grinding Disc 75 mm x 10 mm 100



  • Ceramic transition pads remove the heavy scratch pattern of metal bond discs and allow for easy transition to the resin bond pads.
  • Ceramic transition pads are the most heat tolerant of all the hybrids.


  • Ceramic pads to be used between metal bond and resin bond grinding pads.
  • Use between 50 grit metal and 200 grit resin.
  • Use wet or dry.

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