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Marble Crystalliser


Stoneshield Rust-X™ is an acid-based gel cleaner designed for the emoval of red soil stains, rust, air and carbon pollution, oxidization, mould and mildew stains. Safer than conventional acid-based cleaners.

SKU Description Units
800/03/081 Marble Crystaliser 500ml
800/03/098 Marble Crystaliser 5 Litres



  • Stoneshield Marble Crystaliser is a specially formulated machine buff-able polish for maintaining and protecting the surface shine of polished marble, travertine and limestone.


  • Also effective for restoration of dull and lightly worn marble and travertine when used in conjunction with STONESHIELD MARBLE POLISHING POWDER.
  • Suitable on polished marble, travertine and limestone.
  • For interior use only.

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500 ml, 5 Litres


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