Tungsten Carbide Cups

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  • Tungsten carbide chunks outlast & are far more effective than silicon carbide wheels.
  • They will not clog, load up or smear the coating.
  • Great for ripping through abrasive and sticky materials.


  • Removing of surface coatings such as mastic, epoxy, paint, glue & rubber.
  • Extremely effective for removing plaster, gypsum & mortar on concrete floors.
  • Won’t damage or gouge structurally sound surfaces during use.
  • For use on 125 mm angle grinders and ROX® Falcon floor grinders

Available Options

90/5/010Tungsten Carbide Cup90/5/010N/AN/A
95/0/011Tungsten Carbide Disc95/0/011N/AN/A

Code Description Size Grit
90/5/010 TUNGSTEN CARBIDE CUP 125 mm 16
95/0/011 TUNGSTEN CARBIDE DISC 75 mm 16