Caisson VI-D4 Concrete Moisture Meter

Caisson Concrete Moisture Meters: Precision Meets German Engineering

When it comes to flooring and construction, the right moisture content is paramount. Too much or too little can wreak havoc on your flooring materials, leading to costly repairs in the future. To ensure the longevity and quality of your projects, consider investing in a top-tier concrete moisture meter.

Features of VI-D4 STANDARD Caisson Concrete Moisture Meter:

  • Non-destructive moisture testing in various building materials, including concrete and cement.
  • Quick, accurate readings without the need for drilling.
  • Advanced depth reading compared to traditional pin-type moisture meters.
  • Measures moisture up to a depth of 40-50 mm with an accuracy of 0.5%.
  • Equipped with 8 gold plated studs and 2 sensor plates.
  • Multiple programs to cover various materials like Concrete, Cement Screeds, Self-Levelling Screeds, and Gypsum.
  • Durable German engineering backed by a 2-year warranty.

Explore the full capabilities of the VI-D4 STANDARD here.

Features of VI-D4 ADVANCED Caisson Concrete Moisture Meter:

  • Most advanced non-destructive moisture meter tailored for industries where moisture testing is essential.
  • Suitable for concrete, screeds, and floors.
  • Measures moisture up to a depth of 40-50 mm with an accuracy of 0.5%.
  • German engineering with a 2-year warranty.
  • Additional functionalities with a jack point and USB socket.
  • Combined capabilities for testing air temperature, humidity, plaster, drywall, wood, soft materials, and more.
  • Features various programs covering a range of materials.

Uses of Caisson Concrete Moisture Meters:

Caisson concrete moisture meters are essential for every flooring contractor working with epoxy, vinyl, wood, tiles, carpets, screeds, and overlays. It offers specific settings for concrete, cement screeds, self-levelling screeds, and gypsum, ensuring your materials are at the right moisture content before proceeding.

Every professional in the flooring and construction industry aiming for perfection should consider these caisson concrete moisture meters. Their advanced features, combined with the precision of German engineering, make them a worthy addition to your toolkit.


Code Description Weight Size
33/4/029 CAISSON VI-D4 – STANDARD  ( 8 program )  215 gr  147 x 89 x 33 mm
33/4/030 CAISSON VI-D4 – ADVANCED ( 8 programs )  215 gr  147 x 89 x 33 mm