• ROX® Screed Mixer (pan mixer) for mixing epoxy screeds, urethane screeds and micro concrete.
  • The design angle allows for easier mixing & folds the material allowing for less air entrapment.
  • Comes complete with drum clip, switch box & paddle.
  • Very powerful 60 rpm geared motor with high torque gearbox.


  • ROX® Screed Mixer (pan mixer) is used to mix epoxy screeds, urethane screeds & cement screeds and micro concrete, including ( UT / UTS / HF / RT / UD200 / MF).
  • Effective where hand held mixers are not powerful enough and where micro-aggregate or small stone is to be added.
  • Can be used with a 20 or 25 litre disposable paint drum for easy disposal & clean-up.