ROX® Screed Mixer (Pan Mixer)

Buy The ROX® Screed Mixer: The Game-Changer in Construction

Elevate your building projects with the ROX screed mixer, designed for professionals who demand excellence. is an epitome of engineering excellence tailored for professionals who demand only the best. Whether you’re in South Africa or beyond, it’s heartening to know that among all pan mixers in South Africa, this product stands out for its commitment to quality and performance.

Investment Worth Every Penny

Are you wondering about the concrete pan mixer or looking for a mixing equipment? While pricing is competitive, what truly sets the ROX screed mixer apart is its return on investment. With fewer downtimes, consistent performance, and reduced maintenance, every penny spent is worth it.

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  • ROX® Screed Mixer (pan mixer) for mixing epoxy screeds, urethane screeds and micro concrete.
  • The design angle allows for easier mixing & folds the material allowing for less air entrapment.
  • Comes complete with drum clip, switch box & paddle.
  • Very powerful 60 rpm geared motor with high torque gearbox.


  • ROX® Screed Mixer (pan mixer) is used to mix epoxy screeds, urethane screeds & cement screeds and micro concrete, including ( UT / UTS / HF / RT / UD200 / MF).
  • Effective where hand held mixers are not powerful enough and where micro-aggregate or small stone is to be added.
  • Can be used with a 20 or 25 litre disposable paint drum for easy disposal & clean-up.

Product Specifications:

Available Options

15/5/010ROX® Screed Mixer15/5/010N/AN/A
15/5/901Drum Clips15/5/901N/AN/A

Code Description RPM Motors
15/5/010 ROX® SCREED MIXER 60 Electric
15/5/901 DRUM CLIPS
15/5/902 PADDLES