ROX® Spiked Rollers – CONTRACTOR 400 MM

ROX® Spiked Rollers: The Epitome of Precision and Quality in Flooring Application

In the flooring world, the tools you employ can make a vast difference in the outcome. With FloorsHQ’s ROX® spiked rollers, perfection is not just an aspiration—it’s a guarantee. Designed meticulously with the end-user in mind, our ROX® Spiked Rollers are a testament to precision, durability, and ease of use.

Looking for the ideal spiked roller for sale in South Africa? Look no further. Constructed with a contractor-quality aluminium frame and a user-friendly plastic handle, these rollers promise longevity. Furthermore, the solvent-resistant spikes aren’t just randomly placed. They’re locked together, ensuring optimum deaeration—a pivotal factor when working with self-levelling compounds.

But it’s not just about the build. The true essence of our spike rollers lies in their performance. Light in weight, the ROX® Spiked Rollers push less material, thereby minimising the formation of undesirable ‘waves’. This unique feature ensures you get a smooth, impeccable finish every single time.

The uses? They’re versatile. Whether you’re aiming to remove bubbles from self-levelling epoxy, urethane systems, or cement screeds, these rollers are up for the task. For systems less than 4mm thick, the 11mm spikes are perfect. And for those above 4mm thick and all cement-based systems, the 31mm spikes come into play. Whatever the requirement, FloorsHQ has a solution.

FloorsHQ has always been synonymous with unparalleled quality. Our commitment to providing only the best for our customers is reflected in each product, and the ROX® Spiked Rollers are no exception.

In a realm where precision matters, why settle for anything less than the best? Dive into the world of flawless flooring application with our unparalleled spike rollers.

Elevate your flooring game. Experience the difference. Order your ROX® Spiked Roller today!


  • Contractor quality spike roller with aluminium frame & plastic handle.
  • Solvent resistant spikes.
  • All spikes are locked together to provide better deaeration.
  • Unit is lighter & pushes less material, causing less “waves”.


  • Removes bubbles and helps to level self-levelling epoxy and urethane systems.
  • Removes bubbles and helps to level self-levelling cement screeds.
  • Use 11 mm spikes for all systems less than 4 mm thick.
  • Use 31 mm spikes for all systems above 4 mm thick and for all cement based systems.

Available Options

30/3/011Spike Roller (Epoxy Systems)30/3/011N/AN/A
30/3/013Spike Roller (Cement Systems)30/3/013N/AN/A


Code Description Size Length
30/3/011 SPIKED ROLLER (EPOXY SYSTEMS) 11 mm 400 mm
30/3/013 SPIKED ROLLER (CEMENT SYSTEMS) 31 mm 400 mm