ROX® Twister-180™

Experience the Power of ROX® Twister-180

In the dynamic world of painting and construction, the ROX® Twister-180 stands as a beacon of excellence. This machine is not just for mixing paint; it’s a revolution in mixing technology, designed specifically for professionals who demand reliability and performance.

Features of the ROX® Twister-180:

  • A powerhouse with a 1800 watt motor, designed for heavy-duty mixing tasks.
  • Dual high torque gearbox that peaks at 30 NM of torque, ensuring a consistent and smooth mixing experience.
  • Master the mixing speed with variable speed control, ranging from 150 to 650 rpm.
  • Two distinct gearboxes: Gearbox 1 (150 – 300 rpm) for high torque/low speed and Gearbox 2 (300 – 650 rpm) for low torque/high speed tasks.
  • Soft start capability for enhanced safety and precision.
  • Thoughtfully designed with impact-resistant rubber handles, providing a comfortable grip during prolonged use.
  • A formidable mixing capacity, handling up to 50 kgs (2 bags) effortlessly.

Diverse Uses of ROX® Twister-180:

  • The ideal companion for mixing epoxy & urethane-based paints, screeds (HF / MF / UL), and self-levelling compounds.
  • Tailor-made for blending plaster, gypsum, stucco, tile adhesives, glues, and mastics seamlessly.
  • Especially beneficial for mixing self-levelling cement screeds.
  • Important note: It’s not recommended to use the mixer for aggregates and stone.


There are paint mixers, and then there’s the ROX® Twister-180, a high-speed paint mixer that ensures your materials are blended to perfection every time. With its unparalleled features and flexibility, it is no wonder that professionals across South Africa are making the switch to the ROX® Twister-180. Secure yours today and experience a world where mixing becomes an art.

Available Options



Code Description Power Voltage Weight Litre cap.
15/1/060 TWISTER-180™ 1800 w 230 v 7 kg 50 kg