STONESHIELD™ Porcelain Tile Sealer: Unrivalled Protection for Every Surface

Experience the exceptional features of STONESHIELD™ Porcelain tile sealer, a distinguished solution tailored to elevate both polished and unpolished porcelain surfaces. Infused with the latest in sealing technology, it showcases a powerful dirt-repellent formula, significantly cutting down dirt retention. The result? Porcelain surfaces that are not only radiant but effortless to clean and maintain.

Dive deeper into its composition, and you’ll discover a solvent-based penetrating sealer, dedicated to providing an invisible shield. This sealer penetrates the porcelain surface, erecting a formidable barrier against grime, stains, and pollutants. And with its no-sheen, natural-look finish, trust in the Porcelain Tile Sealer to keep the innate allure of your porcelain tiles intact, letting their beauty manifest without any colour alteration.

Versatility is at the heart of this sealer. Whether gracing the interiors of your home or accentuating external spaces, the Stonesield Porcelain-tile-sealer ensures your porcelain tiles remain protected, be it on kitchen counters, bathroom floors, or patio tiles.

Its genius doesn’t stop at protection. The sealer also simplifies maintenance, allowing you to cleanse your tiles with utmost ease, keeping them pristine and gleaming.

Revel in the myriad of benefits it offers:

  • A pioneering Dirt – repellent sealer™ apt for both polished & unpolished porcelain.
  • Drastic reduction in dirt retention.
  • Enhanced ease in cleaning porcelain surfaces.
  • Solvent-based technology ensuring invisible fortification.
  • A no-sheen, natural finish, preserving the original tile colour.
  • Adaptable for both internal and external applications.

This sealer thrives on polished & natural porcelain, wall & floor tiles. It also finds compatibility with low porosity terracotta, quarry tiles, and even concrete & masonry surfaces. Embrace its magic on marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and quartzite.

At FloorsHQ, we believe in equipping our customers with nothing short of the best. Secure the brilliance of your tiles with the unmatched prowess of the STONESHIELD™ Porcelain Tile SealerProtect, preserve, and let your tiles shine. Order yours today.


  • Dirt – repellent sealer™ for use on polished & unpolished porcelain.
  • Reduces dirt retention & makes porcelain surfaces easier to clean.
  • Solvent-based penetrating sealer – invisible protection.
  • No-sheen, natural-look, no colour change.
  • Interior and exterior use.


  • Polished & natural porcelain, wall & floor tiles.
  • Low porosity terracotta & quarry tiles.
  • Concrete & masonry surfaces.
  • Marble, granite, travertine, limestone & quartzite.

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Code Description Units
202/06/010 PORCELAIN-TILE-SEALER™ 1 Litre
202/06/050 PORCELAIN-TILE-SEALER™ 5 Litre