Experience Ultimate Protection with FloorsHQ’s Stone Sheild Cement Sealer

Protecting and enhancing your cement surfaces has never been more effortless with FloorsHQ’s high-quality cement sealer. Recognised as one of the top choices for cement sealer in South Africa, our products offer unbeatable protection, ensuring longevity and maintaining the authentic beauty of your surfaces.

The Uses of This Cement Sealer

From natural and coloured cement floors, cement tiles, pavers, and cobbles, to concrete floors and self-levelling cement screeds – our cement sealer is your go-to solution. Its efficiency doesn’t stop there. It’s also ideal for unpolished and medium porosity natural stone, ensuring a uniform and gorgeous finish every time.

For those curious about the cement sealer price, FloorsHQ guarantees competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Explore our Quarri-Seal Premium range, delve into our marble, granite, and travertine sealers, or simply browse through the diverse products we have on our main site.

The Features of this Cement Sealer

  • Maximum Protection: Our cement sealer is not just any sealer; it offers both oil and water repellent properties, ensuring your surfaces remain spotless and stain-free.
  • Deep Penetration: Unlike superficial sealers, ours deeply penetrates the surface, providing an additional layer of protection while maintaining the natural look.
  • “Wet Look” Finish: Looking for that glossy finish that brings out the best in your cement? Our sealer provides a stunning “wet look”, enhancing the natural colours and texture of your cement.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, this sealer is all you need to give your cement surfaces a fresh and elegant appearance.


Choose the right quantity for your project:

  • Code 204/01/010: CEMENT-SEALER™ – 1 Litre
  • Code 204/01/050: CEMENT-SEALER™ – 5 Litre

Remember, a well-protected surface means less maintenance in the long run. So why not invest in the best? With FloorsHQ’s Stoneshield cement sealer, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in peace of mind.

Ready to Transform Your Surfaces?

Your quest for the perfect cement sealer ends here. Experience the difference of quality, protection, and stunning aesthetics with FloorsHQ’s cement sealer. Don’t wait – give your surfaces the protection they deserve.

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Available Options

204/01/010CEMENT-SEALER™1 LitreN/AN/A
204/01/050CEMENT-SEALER™5 LitresN/AN/A
204/01/250CEMENT-SEALER™25 LitresN/AN/A
Code Description Units
204/01/010 CEMENT-SEALER™ 1 Litre
204/01/050 CEMENT-SEALER™ 5 Litres
204/01/250 CEMENT-SEALER™ 25 Litres