Wall-Cladding™ Sealer

STONESHIELD™ Wall sealer offers an array of remarkable features, making it the ultimate choice for protecting your wall cladding surfaces. This advanced sealer provides superior protection against water, rain, stains, moisture, dirt, pollution, mold, and mildew.

With its water, rain, and stain repellent properties, this sealer creates a powerful barrier that shields your wall cladding from the elements. It effectively repels water, preventing it from penetrating the surface and causing damage. Rain, moisture, dirt, and other contaminants are no match for the robust protection offered by STONESHIELD™ Wall sealer.

Featuring an oil and water repellent formula, this sealer goes beyond basic protection by offering an additional layer of defense against water and moisture. This ensures that your wall cladding remains safeguarded from potential harm. By resisting water and moisture, the sealer helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

STONESHIELD™ Wall sealer is a water-based penetrating sealer, which means it deeply penetrates into the surface to provide invisible protection. This allows the natural beauty of your wall cladding to shine through without any alteration in color. The sealer’s no-sheen, natural-look finish preserves the original appearance of your surfaces, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Our Wall cladding sealer™ is suitable for both applications. Its versatility allows you to safeguard your wall cladding in various settings, ensuring long-lasting protection and maintaining its integrity over time.

Choose STONESHIELD™ Wall cladding sealer™ for its exceptional features and unbeatable protection.


  • Water, rain & stain repellent sealer™.
  • Oil & water repellent sealer for superior protection from water, rain, moisture, dirt, pollution, mould & mildew.
  • Water-based penetrating sealer – invisible protection.
  • No-sheen, natural-look, no colour change.
  • Interior and exterior use.


  • Clay & cement face bricks.
  • Medium porosity natural stone wall cladding, including slate, sandstone, travertine & marble.
  • Concrete, plaster & masonry surfaces.
  • Brick & stone paving.

Available Options

202/08/250WALL-CLADDING-SEALER™25 LitresN/AN/A


Code Description Units
202/08/010 WALL-CLADDING™ SEALER 1 Litre
202/08/050 WALL-CLADDING™ SEALER 5 Litres
202/08/250 WALL-CLADDING™ SEALER 25 Litres