Top Brands and Models of Brick Trowels

Hand of someone wearing gloves holding brick trowels from one of the best brick trowel brands spread plaster.

When it comes to masonry work, having the right tools can make a world of difference. At FloorsHQ, we understand the importance of quality bricklaying tools, and that’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the top brands and models of brick trowels. Whether you’re a professional bricklayer or a DIY enthusiast, finding the best bricklaying trowel for your needs is essential for achieving impeccable results. In this article, we’ll look at the best brick trowel brands, recommended models, and top-rated options to help you make an informed decision.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Brick Trowel Brands

A brick trowel is a fundamental tool for anyone working with bricks and mortar. It is used to spread and smooth mortar, as well as to cut and shape bricks during construction. The quality of your brick trowel can significantly impact the efficiency and precision of your work. Choosing the best brick trowel brands ensures better ergonomics, durability, and performance, ultimately leading to superior craftsmanship.

Top-Rated Brick Trowels

The ROX tools offer the top-rated brick trowel designed for professional masons and ambitious DIYers alike. Here is a summary of their key features:

These tools boast a London narrow pattern blade, ensuring precise and effortless mortar application. Their durability comes from a high carbon steel blade that is hardened and tempered to perfection. Added strength is achieved through a welded shank, while the soft grip, non-slip handle prioritises comfort and control during use. But that’s not all!

Beyond these core features, they excel in other aspects:

Unmatched efficiency

Their strategic design, with balanced weight and construction, allows for powerful strikes with minimal effort, reducing fatigue and maximising productivity.

Built to last

High-quality forged steel guarantees exceptional strength and durability, tackling even the toughest jobs. The heat-treated head provides optimal hardness for forceful chipping and breaking bricks without fear of damage.

Ergonomic comfort

The handle’s comfortable, non-slip grip allows for extended use without hand strain.

Versatility for every task

The sharp pick tackles intricate tasks and delicate demolition, while the flat face serves multiple purposes, from driving chisels to setting anchors and tamping mortar.

Investing in these tools means investing in quality and a diverse skill set, making them perfect companions for both professional masons and ambitious DIYers seeking to elevate their masonry experience.

Overall, both the ROX Brick Hammer and Trowel are well-made and durable tools that can help you get the job done right. If you are looking for top-quality masonry tools, then the ROX line is a great option to consider.

Understanding Brick Trowel Features

Before delving into specific brands and models, let’s establish the key features that differentiate a good trowel from a great one:

Blade Material 

High-quality steel, like stainless or blue steel, ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Blade Size and Shape

The size (typically between 10″ and 14″) depends on your hand size and project scale. Shapes vary, with pointed ends for intricate work and squared ends for general bricklaying.

Blade Flexibility 

Flexibility allows for smooth mortar spreading and shaping, while stiffer blades offer better control for intricate work.

Handle Design

Choose a comfortable handle material (wood, rubber, etc.) that fits your grip and promotes fatigue-free use.


A balanced weight distribution minimises strain and improves trowel control.


Choosing the best brick trowel brands is essential for achieving professional results in bricklaying and masonry work. Skip the brand comparisons. Simply learn what a brick trowel is and elevate your masonry with the ROX Brick Trowel. Its precise blade and durable build ensures smooth application and long-lasting performance. The comfortable handle keeps you working effortlessly. Whether you prioritise durability, precision, or ergonomics, there’s a brick trowel out there to elevate your craftsmanship to the next level.

Whether you’re a professional bricklayer or a passionate DIYer, having the right brick trowel can make all the difference in the quality of your work. At FloorsHQ, we are committed to providing our customers with the best masonry tools and equipment, including our ROX brick hammer as the top-rated brick trowels. Contact FloorsHQ today to explore our collection and find the perfect brick trowel for your next project.