Wall & Floor Scrapers

Scrapers for The Removal of Adhesives, Glues, Wall Paper, Vinyl & Carpet Tiles

FloorsHQ™ manufactures & distributes the ROX® brand of wall & floor scrapers for the removal of adhesives, glues, wall paper, vinyl & carpet tiles, LVT’s and laminates. In the realm of professional floor and wall preparation, having the right tools can mean the difference between a job done well and a task fraught with complications. FloorsHQ™, with its unparalleled commitment to quality and efficiency, presents its signature range of ROX® brand wall and floor scrapers. Each tool, meticulously crafted and rigorously tested, promises not just functionality but also longevity.

Our scrapers have been designed specifically for tackling the tough challenges of adhesives, glues, and various wall coverings. Whether you’re dealing with stubborn wall paper, sturdy vinyl & carpet tiles, or even the more intricate LVT’s and laminates, the ROX® range is poised to deliver exemplary results. These tools have become indispensable to industry professionals who require precision and reliability in their operations.

What sets the ROX® range apart is not just its performance but also the deep-rooted expertise that goes into its creation. Each scraper is a testament to FloorsHQ™’s commitment to excellence, meeting the diverse demands of modern wall and floor preparation tasks.

In an industry where the right tool can greatly influence the outcome of a project, FloorsHQ™ ensures that professionals are equipped with nothing short of the best. It’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about ensuring the process is seamless, efficient, and produces impeccable results.

If you’re in search of a trusted partner for your wall and floor preparation needs, look no further. Dive into our curated range and experience a blend of innovation, quality, and value with FloorsHQ™’s ROX® wall & floor scrapers.

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