''Best in class''

Quality chemical range of cleaners, sealers, strippers, maintenance & restoration products for stone, tiles and concrete.


Premium quality tool range

Manufactured for the preparation, application and installation of hard and soft floors.


High quality range of diamond products

Designed for the cutting, grinding and polishing of stone, tiles and concrete.

Flooring Installation Tools, Equipment and Supplies
FLOORSHQ™ manufactures and distributes tools & flooring products under three core brands: ROX®, STONESHIELD™ & RAZOR®

With decades of practical installation experience and a specialist product and tool range we provide a 1-stop shop for product and service. We understand what we design, manufacture and sell. We know how to use the products we sell. We know what you need to install it – right the first time.

At FloorsHQ™ we don’t sell products we sell “peace of mind”. Expertise in all facets of flooring, making sure that your purchase has been tried and tested and is fit for purpose. With decades of hands-on practical field experience every product in the FloorsHQ™ range has been meticulously designed and tested in-house to ensure that the raw materials, products, packaging and labels meet today’s demanding standards.

We strive to produce the best quality tools and products at the best possible price to provide the best possible value.
At FloorsHQ™ our brands stand for “best in class”, offering detailed quality, superior performance, durability and value for money. We cover tools and treatments for hard floors, soft floors, thick floors, thin floors and everything inbetween.

Top categories

Hand Tools (45)

Cutting Blades (6)

Carpeting Tools (19)

Carpet fitting tools (11)

Application Tools (25)

Spike Rollers (5)

Painting Tools (31)

Paint Brushes (7)

Floor Preparation Tools (24)

Carpeting Scissors (3)

Discover Premium Flooring Solutions with FloorsHQ

At FloorsHQ, our commitment to excellence is not just in our wide range of products but also in the wealth of expertise we bring to the table. With decades of hands-on installation experience under our belt, we pride ourselves on being more than just a product provider. We’re your trusted partner in every flooring project, understanding every aspect of what we design, manufacture, and sell. When it comes to offering products that deliver, we believe in selling “peace of mind” rather than just products.

For those in South Africa seeking high-performance bonding solutions, our flooring equipment range embodies FloorsHQ’s dedication to quality. Recognised as a leading choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, our epoxy adhesive is meticulously crafted to meet the challenging demands of various applications.

Why Choose Flooring Solutions from FloorsHQ?

When we talk about flooring solutions and flooring application tools, especially in an industrial setting, efficacy, and durability are paramount. Our flooring solution is a testament to our commitment to these principles. Each product undergoes rigorous in-house testing, ensuring that from raw materials to packaging, everything meets today’s stringent standards.

As the demand for robust floor solutions grows in South Africa, so does the need for a product that guarantees performance. With FloorsHQ’s South Africa range of flooring solutions, customers can be assured of an adhesive that has been tried, tested, and proven to be fit for purpose.

Affordability Without Compromising Quality

While quality is a cornerstone of our ethos, we also recognise the importance of affordability. Those interested in understanding the flooring equipment price will find that our products offer exceptional value for money. Our aim? To ensure our customers receive the best quality tools and products at the most competitive prices.

Versatility Across All Flooring Needs

At FloorsHQ™, our diverse product range reflects our expansive expertise. Whether it’s hard floors, soft floors, or thick or thin surfaces, we have the tools and treatments to ensure every project’s success. Every product in the FloorsHQ™ range is an embodiment of our brand’s promise: “best in class”. We don’t just offer products; we offer superior performance, unparalleled durability, and outstanding value for money.

To conclude, when you choose FloorsHQ, you’re not just selecting a product. You’re choosing a legacy of excellence, a wealth of practical experience, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have the best tools at your disposal. Dive into our flooring solution range today at FloorsHQ.