ROX® Gauging Trowel – Contractor Range

Gauging Trowel: The Essential Tool for Every Mason’s Kit

When it comes to masonry work, precision and reliability are paramount. The gauging trowel stands out as the ultimate tool to assist professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Designed with excellence in mind, the trowel not only provides impeccable functionality but also offers durability that’s unmatched in the industry.

Features of the Gauging Trowel

Crafted for perfection, the gauging trowel hosts a range of features ensuring optimum performance:

  • High Carbon Steel Blade: The blade, made of high carbon steel, undergoes a rigorous hardening and tempering process. This ensures that your trowel retains its sharpness and resists wear over time, giving you a tool that will last.
  • Welded Shank: With a solid, welded shank, it boasts structural integrity ensuring the tool remains sturdy during every application.
  • Soft Grip Handle with Hammer End: A comfortable, non-slip handle guarantees fewer hand strains, even after prolonged use. Additionally, the integrated hammer end proves handy for a myriad of on-the-spot adjustments.

Endless Uses for Gauging Trowel, an Unparalleled Tool

The gauging trowel serves multiple purposes:

  • General Masonry Work: Whether you’re building a wall or laying bricks, the trowel promises precision with every layer.
  • Plastering: Achieve a smooth finish every time, ensuring that surfaces are flawlessly prepared for painting or wallpapering.
  • Mortar Repairs: Patching up cracks or gaps? The gauging trowel’s design ensures that you can seamlessly fill in any imperfections.

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Don’t let your masonry tasks be hampered by sub-par tools. Invest in a gauging trowel from FloorsHQ today and experience the difference that true craftsmanship brings to the table. Ready to elevate your toolkit? Click here above to for a quote now!

Available Options

32/7/010Gauging Trowel32/7/010N/AN/A
Code Description Size  Handle Materials
 32/7/010  GAUGING TROWEL  180 mm (7”)  TPE  Carbon Steel