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Stoneshield Stripp-Off: The Ultimate Paint Stripper Solution

For everyone in search of a reliable, efficient, and safe paint removal solution, look no further than the Stoneshield Stripp-Off Paint Stripper. A product synonymous with excellence, it offers unparalleled power in stripping off even the most stubborn paints and finishes.


  • Multi-Purpose Solvent: This is not just a paint stripper. Its multi-faceted solvent-based formula ensures the removal of not just paint, but also most sealers, adhesives, enamels, and varnishes. The comprehensive nature of this product means it’s the only solution you’ll need for a myriad of stripping challenges.
  • Emulsifiable Composition: One of the standout features of the Stoneshield Stripp-Off is its emulsifiable nature, which has been carefully formulated for an easy water clean-up. No more hours spent scrubbing and rinsing – a swift wash with water and your surface is ready for its next adventure.

Use On

Whether it’s the natural beauty of stone surfaces like slate, sandstone, and terracotta, or more conventional materials such as concrete, bricks, and masonry, this paint stripper is for sale and handles them all. Additionally, it’s safe to use on wood, steel, fiberglass, and plastic, ensuring versatility like no other. However, for optimal results and safety, avoid using on resin-based synthetic surfaces like vinyl tiles, reconstituted marble, and epoxy terrazzo.

Why Choose Stoneshield Stripp-Off?

Your surfaces deserve the best, and with this product, that’s precisely what they get. When reviving your surfaces or preparing them for a new lease of life, opting for Stoneshield Stripp-Off ensures that you’re equipping yourself with a legacy of care and expertise.

So, are you ready to witness a transformation? Are you prepared to strip away the old and usher in the new? Don’t wait any longer. Dive into the world of premium care with FloorsHQ, and equip yourself with a solution that stands as a testament to quality and efficiency.

Get Yours Now!

With each passing moment, your perfect surface awaits. So why wait? Buy your Stoneshield Stripp-Off today and embark on a journey of restoration and rejuvenation. Your surfaces will thank you!

Available Options

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205/01/010 TRIPP-OFF™ 1 Litre
205/01/050 TRIPP-OFF™ 5 Litre
205/01/250 TRIPP-OFF™ 25 Litre