Epoxy Floor Coating Equipment You Need for Your DIY Resin Floor

List of Essential Epoxy Floor Coating Equipment

 Epoxy resin flooring is more of an art than a science. Every craftsman has their own unique set of personal preferences when it comes to what and how they do things. That being said, certain epoxy floor coating equipment must be used in order to get the desired effect. The following epoxy floor coating equipment lists are intended for self-levelling and roll-down epoxy and urethane systems.

Here’s what you need: 

Tools Needed to Prepare the Floor

Before you can start laying your new epoxy resin flooring you need to prepare the floor surface. To do this, you will need: 

  • Concrete Floor Grinder: A concrete floor grinder of high quality measuring between 250 and 500 millimetres across, equipped with the appropriate diamond wedges, cups, or segments.
  • Hand Grinder/Edge Grinder: The grinder should have a diameter between 125 and 180 millimetres and the appropriate diamond cups. 
  • Angle Grinder: An angle grinder and a crack chasing blade set. 
  • Vacuum Cleaner: A vacuum cleaner capable of vacuuming fine cement dust.
  • Extension Cables: The extension cables need to enable you to cover the entire floor space comfortably.  
  • Dust Masks: Dust masks such as N95 masks to protect against dust, chemical vapours, and other hazardous materials.
epoxy floor coating equipment: Rox CEG 125 Concrete Edge Grinder

Rox CEG 125 Concrete Edge Grinder

Tools for Mixing  

  • Electric Paint Mixer:  An electric hand-held paint mixer of excellent quality and torque, complete with the appropriate spindle.
  • Buckets: To be used for mixing.
  • Chipping Hammer: For cutting cans and other metal containers.
  • Scraper: An old scraper that may be used to open buckets and tins.
  • Plastering Trowel: A flat plastering trowel measuring 350 millimetres in width to scrape cans and buckets.
epoxy floor coating equipment: Rox® Twister 120™ Handheld Mixer

Rox® Twister 120™ Handheld Mixer

Epoxy Floor Coating Equipment: Roll-Down Systems

 Moisture Metre: A moisture metre to detect concrete moisture content.

  • Rollers: For painting floors that have a medium nap, are resistant to solvents, and do not shed.
  • Rectangular Buckets: Buckets must be capable of carrying 5 litres. 
  • Paintbrushes: High-quality, natural and blonde paintbrushes with a diameter of 50 millimetres and no bristle loss.
  • Knives: for applying putty or mending material.
  • Sandpaper: Used to smooth out defects and remove surface grit that is not desired.
epoxy floor coating equipment: Rox® Natural Blonde Paint Brushes™

Rox® Natural Blonde Paint Brushes™

Epoxy Floor Coating Equipment: Self-Levelling Systems

  • Moisture Metre: To detect concrete moisture content.
  • Measuring Rake: Use the appropriate measuring rake for the thickness of the system that is needed. 
  • Spike Rollers: For de-aerating the system.
  • Spike Sneakers.
  • Rollers: Rollers with a short nap, resistance to solvents, and no shedding that are suited for back-rolling. Priming rollers with a medium nap, resistance to solvents, and non-shedding construction 
  • Paintbrushes: Premium quality, natural and blonde, 50 mm in diameter, with no bristle loss.
  • Putty Knives: To be used with repairing compounds.
  • Sandpaper: For smoothing out defects and removing surface grit that is not desired.
  • Plastering Trowels: Ranging in size from 280 to 350 millimetres, used for scraper coatings.
  • Squeegees: Steel spring squeegees for priming. Rubber squeegees for scraper coatings. 
  • Extension Poles: For measuring rakes, rollers and spike rollers.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Knee pads, eye protection, protective gloves, and cotton cloths.
  • Surface Protection: Plastic bags, barrier tape, masking tape, and plastic sheeting for covering surfaces.
  • Solvent: A solvent such as xylene, acetone, or another kind.

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